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Payment statuses

CreatedYou created and saved the payment
AcceptedThe bank accepted the payment and is going to process it
ExecutedThe bank processed the payment (debited funds from your account and transferred them to the payee account)
Sent to the BankThe payment was sent to the bank but the bank didn't receive it yet
SignedYou need to sign the payment to send it to the bank
ScheduledThis is a regular payment. The bank will process it at the time you specified, once or several times
CanceledThe payment didn't pass the verification and was canceled by the bank. It happens when you don't have enough funds on your account or something is wrong with the payment (e.g., fields are filled out incorrectly)
RejectedThe bank rejected the payment or an error occurred while creating the payment
RevokingYou submitted an application for revoking the payment
RevokedThe payment was revoked on your application
PaidThe payment was credited to your account (for incoming payments)